Jacklyne Aloo


An adventure-loving lady, who is always happy to learn more about the languages, lifestyle, fashion, social lives and challenges in any community she finds herself. Being of African descent, born and bred in Mombasa, a beautiful coastal town in the East African country called Kenya, her life has a touch of the rich African ways.

Growing up, she was always inquisitive and zealous to expand her horizon and knowledge as well as has a passion for teaching. She enjoys passing across knowledge to others as much as she loves cooking. She is a certified teacher, who teaches English  as a second language.

She is, of course an adventure traveler as she is business oriented. She has traveled to a handful of locations both locally and internationally. Solely for her research in the standard of living and culture of the people beyond the borders of her country. 

She is an incredible writer and words alone cannot describe her special personality in a single write-up. Watch this space to learn more about her as she is very passionate about everything she does.

The recipe section will give you grandma’s secret recipes to those delicacies from here and there. Self explanatory pieces that will guide you through the cooking of delicacies you never imagined you could prepare at home.  

The women’s corner is for my sisters all over the world. she will share with you many of the challenging topics that we are faced with day in day out. Stay tuned for many more educative and life changing pieces from her.

Each piece is intended to make a whole world of difference in educating and informing you with matters that truly matter. One attribute to learn about Jacklyne Aloo.

Take a dive in and let’s learn the world together.

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