Homeschooling and tutoring

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Homeschooling, The New Normal. 

Homeschooling or not? Eenie meenie miney mo. You know the answer, I do too. Homeschooling, the new normal, whether we like it or not, is the only and better option that our children or students have at their disposal at the moment. 

So, to home-school or not to home-school that’s a personal decision that every parent or guardian has to make. 

What really happens in home-school? Here the child can either have a private teacher who comes to the child’s house to teach him/her following the exact curriculum that has been approved by the ministry of education. So in this case, Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain comes to him, the teacher comes to the student unlike in the case where the child has to go to the main school premises to get lectures. 

A number of parents like homeschooling as they see that their child receives knowledge right at his or her own comfort zone with no disturbances or distraction from other students, the child is well attended to by the teacher and he or she has enough room and space to ask questions and learn at his own pace. 

Why homeschooling?

Everyone has a reason for putting his/her child up for homeschooling and I will list some reasons as to why. 


Majority of parents or guardians who have moved or relocated to different countries have been forced to home-school as they settle down in the new place and review the schools that are available in the area. This owing to the fact that education standard varies from country to country. There are some countries that believe in all theory with little or no practical whereas some are mostly vocational oriented.

In some countries, teachers are demigods because they make sure the child is straighten up and readied to face the future whereas in some countries, students and parents dictate to the teacher as to what grade and what method has to be employed and there are some countries that the work doesn’t matter as far as the final GPA of the student is high enough to earn government stipends. What a shame, huh? 


Parents choose to home-school because of the bullying that frequently happens in school and which is way out of their control. So instead of having to let their children suffer emotionally or psychologically, they choose to home-school. Bullying can also lead to lower grades and low self-esteem. Hence, parents try to eliminate fear that comes with being bullied. Parents who decide to home-school after cases of bullying report a significant academic improvement as well as greater personal happiness by their children. 

Higher quality of education. 


One-on-one tutoring

Most schools enroll too many students and that makes parents believe that the quality of education will decline as the classrooms will be crowded with less resources which will make it difficult for teachers to provide a one – on-one instruction to students. Therefore homeschooling give parents more control over what their children are learning. And since homeschooling can help the children have a one on one instruction then parents turn to it. 

Better scores. 

I am not saying that other children who go to school don’t get good grades, I am simply saying that home-schooled children get better grades and that is according to research on homeschooling because this type of education is quality not quantity based. 

Supports children with learning disabilities. 

Homeschooling helps children with learning disabilities to get customized teachings. They get to have all the teachers attention and a feeling that they belong as they get to be taught the same curriculum as the other students or children but only at their own pace. 

Language barrierLanguage Materials Membership

Homeschooling also works best for the kids who have a certain language barrier, this is in cases where the parents have relocated and the child has a problem speaking or understanding the new language then homeschooling becomes better as they will be taught at home by a tutor who speaks their language.

Homeschooling or not? Homeschooling, the new normal is here to stay.