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The Complete Guide to Homeschooling Your Child And Why It’s the Best Option

Homeschooling is an educational alternative that many parents are choosing for their children. It is a great way to tailor the learning experience to your child’s specific needs and interests, which can be difficult in a public school setting. If you are thinking about homeschooling your child, here is everything you need to know about it.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you have already explored all the available options and concluded that homeschooling represents your best option when it comes to educating your child. Or you have stumbled upon my article – Homeschooling, The New Normal. We won’t try to convince you further on why homeschooling could be the best choice for your kid. After reading this article, you will have all the information you need to start right away!

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the act of educating your child at home instead of sending them to a traditional school setting. It is a type of alternative education that has been growing in popularity in recent years.

There are several different reasons why parents might choose to homeschool their children, and many of these reasons will apply to more than one type of homeschooling. For example, parents might choose to homeschool their children so that they can tailor their education to fit their specific needs and interests or because they want to avoid certain aspects of the public school system.

Different types of homeschooling can be broken down into 5 categories: Traditional, Unschooling, Waldorf, Christian, and HIPPY. Learn more about each of these in this article!

Why Is Homeschooling Becoming So Popular?

Parents have been homeschooling their kids for decades, so what has changed in recent years that has caused homeschooling to become even more popular? There are a few reasons for homeschooling.

  • A New Understanding of Education – The world has been experiencing massive changes, and we have learned a lot about how kids learn in the process. This new understanding of education has led many parents to question whether or not sending their children to public school is the right choice.
  • Increased Awareness of Special Needs – There is a growing awareness of special needs and how the public school system often fails to accommodate these needs. Many parents have discovered that homeschooling can provide better support for their child’s special needs.
  • An Age of DIY – We are living in the age of DIY, and this is one area where parents have taken note. Many parents have become aware of just how much they can do themselves, and homeschooling is one of these areas.
Reasons for homeschooling in the US
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The Benefits of Homeschooling

There are many benefits of homeschooling your child, but there are a few that stand out as being especially important. Let’s explore these benefits now!

  • Increased Parent-Child Bonding – When your child is at school all day, you don’t get to see them and spend time with them like you would if they were at home. This can cause a rift in the parent-child relationship, especially if they are young. Homeschooling allows you to spend more time together, which can help to strengthen this bond. As parents, we have a unique opportunity to cultivate our children’s minds and spirits — and homeschooling is a great way to do so.
  • Cost Effective for Families with Special Needs – If you have a child with special needs, homeschooling may allow you to provide the specialized instruction and support your child needs.
  • Increased Focus on Individual Needs – When you homeschool your child, you get to tailor their education to fit their unique needs and interests. This can help them to both be better prepared for college and to be more confident in their abilities.
  • Time Management and Flexibility – gives you more flexibility in your child’s schedule. You can avoid some of the common challenges that arise when kids have to get ready for school in the morning, take public transit or walk to school. Hence, homeschooling can help your child develop strong study habits and good time management skills.
  • Better Preparation for the Future – When homeschooling your child, you can make sure that they are prepared for the future. Since you have more control over what your child is learning each day. College, getting a job, life after graduation – all of these can be easier for your child to navigate when they have the right skills and knowledge.

The Drawbacks of Homeschooling

Not everything is rosy when it comes to homeschooling, and there are some drawbacks that parents should be aware of before making the decision. Let’s take a look at some of these drawbacks now.

  • Increased Cost – While being able to tailor your child’s education to fit their needs is a great benefit, it also comes with a price. In many cases, the cost of homeschooling is higher than sending your child to school.
  • Lack of Social Skills – Some parents choose to homeschool their children because they want to avoid certain aspects of the public school system. This may not be a valid reason for homeschooling, but it does result in a social disadvantage for your child.
  • Lack of Standardization – Unlike in public schools, there is no standardization when it comes to homeschooling. Every parent does it differently, and there is no one to ensure that your child is learning. This can be scary for some parents and potential employers, especially if your child only takes a few standardized tests.

How to Choose a Curriculum for Your Child

When it comes to picking a curriculum for your child, the first step is to decide if you want to follow a specific curriculum or if you want to create your own. If you want to follow a specific curriculum, you will need to do some research to find the best curriculum for children  one that suits you and your child. If you want to create your own curriculum, you need to decide which subjects you want to cover. You will also need to decide how much time you want to spend on each subject.

Additionally, you need to choose how you want to deliver your curriculum. Some parents prefer to use books, while others prefer online resources like online games and apps. Let’s take a closer look at these now!

  • Books – If you choose to use books as part of your curriculum, you will probably want to start with early reading skills and work your way up from there. You will also want to make sure that your curriculum includes time for creative activities, like drawing and writing, as well as academics. Parents may also want to consider purchasing workbooks. These can help reinforce what your child is learning.
  • Online Resources – Online resources are great because they are always accessible and can be accessed from any computer or device with internet access. This includes both games and apps, and many of them are free. As with books, you will want to choose both games and apps that teach your child important early learning skills like recognizing letters.
  • Combination – Some parents choose to use a combination of books and online resources, while others choose a mix of books and apps. No matter what combination of resources you choose, make sure that they are age-appropriate and teach your child important skills.

What is a Curriculum’s Role in Homeschooling?

The curriculum’s role in homeschooling is to make sure that your child is learning the right skills at the right time. No matter what curriculum you choose, it should be designed to help your child learn at their specific age-appropriate level. When you are choosing a curriculum, make sure to read reviews. This will help you to make a better decision about which curriculum to use.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you can mix and match different curricula if you want to use a variety of resources or want to make sure that your child is getting a well-rounded education. This could mean using a history curriculum in the morning and doing a science experiment in the afternoon!

The Conclusion

Homeschooling is a great way to give your child a personalized experience and tailor their education to their specific needs and interests. It does have its drawbacks, though, so you will want to keep these in mind as you decide to homeschool your child. Try not to let these potential downsides deter you from considering homeschooling as an option for your family though. The benefits of homeschooling your child outweigh the potential drawbacks in many cases. When you do, be sure to choose a curriculum that will help them to get the most out of their education and make sure that they are learning the skills they need to succeed in life.