Homeschooling or not? Eenie minie miney mo… You know the answer, I do too. Homeschooling is the new normal whether we like it or not, it is the only and better option that our children or students have at their disposal at the moment. 

So, to home-school or not to home-school that’s a personal decision that every parent or guardian has to make. In this case, Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain comes to him, the teacher comes to the student unlike in the case where the child has to go to the main school premises to get lectures. 

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What Do Women Want, Fine Jewelry

When it comes to money, everyone is different. For some, the first thought when they receive their paycheck is how fast they can get rid of it again. For others, accumulating wealth and investing for the future are top priorities.

But no matter what your current financial situation may be, chances are you’re always looking for ways to improve it and achieve a more secure future as a result. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by exploring alternate income streams that can serve as reliable sources of tertiary income in the future.

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10 ways to build a reliable alternate income stream

 Tips For Learning Foreign Language

Language is a structured system of communication. It is a means by which we pass information to others. Language comes in many forms- written words, signs, body gestures among others, though I am not writing as an academic ready to bore you with the classroom topic.

We are in a time when the world is nothing but a global village with about 7000 human languages. Language could be a hindrance to touring or learning about other people and their cultures. It could also stand in the way of landing that big job/gig.


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Tips For Teaching Foreign Language 

In as much as learning foreign language seems very easy to achieve with my PIDP steps mentioned in Tips For Learning Foreign Language, teaching foreign language can be a big deal to contend with. It is exactly like trying to domesticate a feral cat, however difficult it may seem, it is actually possible and easy with the right techniques.



Pronunciation of Regular Verbs in Past Tense

First of all, what is a tense? In English Grammar, the word “tense” is different from the state of anxiety or nervousness. It simply refers to “action with respect to time”
Actions are, in other word, referred to as verbs. For example, run, sing, play and dance are verbs because they are actions.
Past tense is used to express completed actions or habits in the past. For instance, when a story is being narrated, it is presented in past tense.


How do we avoid this common yet trending mistake? You must have heard expressions like these: “I didn’t do nothing”, “I haven’t gone to no party”, “I ain’t eating no vegetables” or “I wasn’t barely able to open the jar”. All these expressions may sound like the speaker is denying responsibilities, but no, the speaker has acknowledged doing them all unknowingly.

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Double Negative

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