Men or Women, Who Rule The World?

I am back at it again, they say girls rule the world, really? But come to think of it. Men or women, who rule the world? Well lets find out. As a woman, I have mingled with many other women and to my surprise all of them think that it’s true “Girls rule the world”. But HOW! They are just girls, the weaker vessels, come on! Behind every successful man there is a woman of course this woman was once a girl, right? Not to forget, behind every failed man, there is also a woman.
Good or bad, girls rule the world. For one to be a president, he has to be married, yes married to a woman. For a man to be a successful businessman, then yes someone’s little girl must be behind it. Ask me again: men or women, who rule the world?
Well, girls take it all. They be a man’s comforter, they encourage and give a man hope when hope seems to be lost, they act as mothers, sisters and friends. The big doubt is that I don’t really know what the world would look like if girls ruled it. Some say “just a couple of countries not talking to each other”. Hahaha!! Do you also know that as a man, you can’t even change your TV channel without her permission?

So the advice I give my brothers from another mothers is that “Get the right woman” – Forget the slay queens and women with looks but zero brains. Get a woman who will not only support your vision but will also push you to achieve more. A woman who will inspire you to work hard and not a woman who just makes you hard. He who finds a real woman finds a good thing and obtains favors and power to create wealth. So far, men or women, who rule the world? in your own opinion?

Who rule the world?
Who rule the world?

How do you make this possible?

Advance yourself.

 Stop taking cheap girls and drinks – I have no problem with having drinks during social interaction and networking. However, when you drink cheap drinks with cheap girls in cheap places, you end up hanging out with cheap people who have cheap ideas and cheap/no future. Big business opportunities are found in places where the drinks are expensive. In fact, in places where they sell cheap drinks, the only people you will find there are people who will be asking you for money. They even clap when you come knowing ‘big buyer’ has arrived. When you have the right girl beside you, who needs a google map to locate such places? You enter in style and believe me, a real girl attracts investors.

Laziness is not an option.

Stop being Lazy – “Man ooh Man, why art thou Lazy?” You are too lazy for your own good. You sleep the whole day and blame the government for your poverty. According to the old saying: “no food for a lazy man”. A lot of men are just lazy when it comes to making money. They have enough energy to give a woman five orgasms, but have no energy to start one organization, that’s why it is so easy for men to manufacture children than it is to make even pegs for putting children’s clothes on the line. But no matter how lazy a man is, once he meets that real girl – the evil spirit type, that type that pushes his ass till he gets up to work or no getting laid, he will definitely buckle up and make sense of his life for them both.

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 Know Productive Things – Think outside the box, if you keep too much junk in your head, you get a junk life. I know a lot of men who are so sharp when they are talking about girls, about soccer and about street politics. Who is Rich, who is not; who has a good house, who doesn’t, but can’t raise a topic about investment, innovation nor business. Brother! Brother!! Brother!!! If that girl can’t deny you such useless meetings, you’re riding a bike while in slumber. A real girl brings constructive ideas to the table to benefit her household, even though it was born out of a gossip session. *wink* *wink*

You must know people.

Get connected to Big Men of affluence who are better than you – A lot of men are failing because they are not mentored. They don’t have anyone to whom they can sit down and listen, with obedience. There are men out there with brilliant and innovative ideas but no connection to catalyze its realization.  I need not to remind you that the world we live in now is a “man know man” one. And a journey of two months for the dog, is just a stroll for the horse. How do women come in play here? Why do all adverts in the dailies now seek young and beautiful women as sales executives? Your guess is just as mine.


Stop Spending your whole day just praying and fasting yet you know that both Quran and Bible tells you that God will bless the work of your hands. Yes yes, the blessing finds you on your way doing something. Stop using Prayer as an excuse not to work. Work hard. A man who spends his days solely praying and fasting will end up shouting “I receive” in church crusades for the rest of his life.


The worth of a woman can not be overemphasized as gone are the days when women end in the kitchen. Most global decisions are made by women (the wife, yes, that his wife). Nowadays, many developed countries are presided over by women and they are really better off that of their male counterparts. Doubt it? Take a look at

this for yourself. Now back to my question: Men or Women, who rule the world?

It is suicidal for your pocket to be empty and be married to a woman with empty brain.

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26 thoughts on “Men or Women, Who Rule The World?

  1. Very insightful, women do rule the world. This is a must share article and it’s also a wake up call. Bravo!

      • Well, girls take it all. Loved this line, we womens do a lot and this felt empowering to read. We girls support each other time to time and no matter how much effort a guy can make they cannot do as much as a woman with the right virtues. Interesting and lovely blog

      • Ossama Alnuwaiser says:

        I did not read your post fully. As far as who rule the world on my opinion it is neither man nor women, but both sexes togother. Man need a woman in his life and a woman needs a man. They both lean on each others, comfert each others, and be there for one another.

      • I commend you Jackie on starting a new platform to share with the world…felicidades!!! ????????????????????
        No doubt women rule the world mainly because they influence the trajectory of people’s behaviour around them…could be family, friends, work place or activism… This is a debatable topic, depending from debaters angle speaking points.
        Great topic thanks for sharing

  2. Sylvia Obunga says:

    Women build the world. I fully agree with you sister. The only problem is that most men still believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Some even classify women among their children. Gentleman, give your wife an opportunity to make a difference in your life. Women have wits but men sit on them, giving them no chance to implement their ideas. WOMEN CAN AND WILL ALWAYS MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  3. This is a very tricky topic. You have very nice points to take home the trophy. I agree with you. Women rule the world in as much as we disagree, we know it deep down. What a brilliant mind. Keep the good work going.

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