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Vacation Rentals for your Easter Holiday Plans

The Easter holiday is almost here with us, you and your spouse are thinking of giving yourselves a treat for doing that hard work of being both parents and teachers for the last nine months or so. You go online and think of a place to have a perfect vacation. From the look of things you are thinking of taking a week off, but again you are torn for choices.

On one hand, you are used to the traditional ways of booking hotels and spending time there, but again staying at home with your children has created a specialvacation rentals family bond and all you can think of is a vacation rental (What is vacation rental?) where your entire family can enjoy with less constraint.

Benefits of Vacation Rentals

Well, here are a few things you need to consider about vacation rentals.

  1. Vacation home rentals offer you an opportunity to prepare the kind of meals that you want using your preferred ingredients making you feel at home away from home. You also get to choose your meal times as a family, as opposed to being cautious of mealtimes.
  2. Vacation rentals grant you an opportunity to learn the local language as you interact with your neighbors and even shop at the nearby markets. You will be able to enjoy the culture and the traditions of your local community.
  3. You get to have an entire big space exclusively for your family. You don’t have to worry about privacy and limited movement, so you can work with your own routine.
  4. You can earn back every cents spent on the vacation, if you also put your then would-be vacant home up for vacation rental. This is the best part of it. You earn while vacationing.

 How Do I get Vacation Rentals? 

What are you waiting for? It is time to book a place for your Easter plans. There are many big guns in the industry and other fast growing companies that put your comfort first before profit. One of them is Likizo Lettings, on which you can list your studio, apartments or villa vacation rentals for free and also book from the list of verified properties on their website. 

In as much as vacation rentals is the new wave of accommodation, it doesn’t mean it is completely safe. During festive periods, there are lots of fake and scam short term rentals ads on the internet. Where you have direct contact with supposedly owners of a vacation home and in most cases, you are asked to send payment upfront via Western Union or Money Gram to reserve the place.

My friend, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s definitely a duck. It is a scam, don’t fall prey.

The trick is, if it isn’t listed on a vacation rentals website , it is probably not real. Because most of these websites won’t pay out your money until you check in, so you are safe.

Get started now and book a place for yourself before all the nice places you like are fully booked.

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Double Negatives in English LanguageDouble Negative

The use of double negatives in English Language may sound fluent but it changes the meaning of the sentence entirely from negative to positive. English language is similar to Algebra because they both have their formulas or structures. In the case of double negatives, it is synonymous to product of integers in Mathematics, where the product of two negative integers equals a positive integer.

How do we avoid this common yet trending mistake? You must have heard expressions like these: “I didn’t do nothing”, “I haven’t gone to no party”, “I ain’t eating no vegetables” or “I wasn’t barely able to open the jar”. All these expressions may sound like the speaker is denying responsibilities, but no, the speaker has acknowledged doing them all unknowingly.


To make this topic easier, I will like to introduce the use of any, some and no. These will help you understand and avoid the double negatives mistake.

How to use “ANY”

“Any” can be used when asking questions and making negative remarks.
For questions: Any correlates well with both positive and negative modal verbs. For instance: Do you have any coin to spare? Won’t she bring any Popsicle for me?
You can also use the indefinite pronouns- anybody, anyone, anything and anywhere for questions. For instance:
Is there anyone at the door? Did you buy anything from the mall? Won’t you go anywhere for your vacation?

As you can see, the use of “any” is not limited to positive questions.

For negative remarks: In order to make a negative sentence with “any”, the auxiliary/modal verb must be in negative form. For instance:
I don’t have any money left. I won’t eat any vegetable. There isn’t any water in the fridge.
You can as well use the indefinite pronouns in this case. For instance:
She doesn’t know anyone in London. She wouldn’t take anything from strangers. We shouldn’t go anywhere during lock down.

How to use “SOME”

“Some” is used only for positive remarks. The indefinite pronouns derived from some are someone, somebody, something and somewhere.
Examples: I have some food to share. I would like some vegetable. There is some information about COVID-19 on the internet. I met some nice people in Panama. She bought something for the kids. There is someone at the door. Let’s go somewhere to relax.

Double Negatives

How to use “NO”

“No is known to be used for negative remarks. Use “NO” only for negative sentences. Whenever you decide to use “NO” in your sentence, make sure your auxiliary/modal verb is in base form. For instance:
She has no friend in school. I have no money in my pocket. There is no salt in the food.
The indefinite pronouns derived from NO are no one, nobody, nothing and nowhere.
We have nowhere else to go. There was nobody in the class when I got there. You have nothing to gain if you don’t try.

In summary,  never use a negative verb (isn’t, doesn’t, haven’t etc.) with a negative qualifier (never, hardly, rarely, barely, seldom etc.). If you do, you end up saying the opposite of what you mean to say.

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Pronunciation of Regular Verbs in Past Tense

Expressing oneself in past tense can be fun yet embarrassing due to bad pronunciations. Master the pronunciation of regular verbs in past tense within 5 minutes. First of all, what is a tense? In English Grammar, the word “tense” is different from the state of anxiety or nervousness. It simply refers to “action with respect to time”.

Actions are, in other word, referred to as verbs. For example, run, sing, play and dance are verbs because they are actions.
Past tense is used to express completed actions or habits in the past. For instance, when a story is being narrated, it is presented in past tense.
We cannot discuss past tense without taking consideration of regular and irregular verbs.

Spelling and Pronunciation of Regular Verbs in Past Tense

Regular verbs are those verbs that follow a particular spelling pattern. In this case, they take an additional -ed to form Past and participle tenses. For example,

Evan-Moor Vocabulary Fundamentals, Grade 6+ - Teacher Reproducibles, Printimage 100161849 13695502Regular verbs          


play becomes played
cry becomes cried
dance becomes danced
cook becomes cooked


in both past and participle forms.
Whereas irregular verbs don’t follow any laid down spelling pattern. For example:

fly – flew – flown
see – saw – seen
buy – bought- bought
cut – cut – cut

Did you notice the past and participle form of the verbs follow no specific pattern? That is why they are called irregular verbs.
Spelling pattern is not the only regular thing about regular verbs. The pronunciation of regular verbs in past and participle form also follow particular diction pattern. The last syllable of any regular verb in the past or participle form takes any of the three sounds: /id/, /d/ or /t/. Yes, -ed can be pronounced as /t/. How do you recognize which words to pronounce with the /id/, /d/ and /t/ sound? It is easy, it depends on the last consonant sound of the verb, just as stated in the following rules:

Rule 1 for /id/: If the base verb ends in a “t” or “d” sound already, the added “ed” is pronounced as another syllable using /id/. For example, words like started, ended, graduated, attended and visited have the last syllables pronounced like “ed”

Rule 2 for /d/: If the base verb ends in a *voiced sound, the added “ed” is blended with the word and pronounced as “d”. In this case there is no extra syllable added. For example: moved, returned, played, raised, gauged, called and many more.

Rule 3 for /t/: If the base verb ends in a *voiceless sound, the added “ed” blends with the previous consonant and pronounced as “t”. In this case, there is no extra syllable too. For example: stopped, finished, laughed, cooked, fixed, watched and many more.

A voiced sound means that your vocal cord vibrates or produce humming sound when you speak. You can identify these sounds by placing a finger on your neck as you pronounce the following consonant sounds: b, v, g, z, j, th, l, m, n, r and all vowels. You will feel the vibrations with your finger, they are voiced sounds.

A voiceless sound doesn’t make your vocal cord to vibrate. Voiceless consonant sounds are p, f, k,s,sh, and th.

For your practical, I leave you with some verbs 


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The Definitive Guide To Flat Tummy

Due to the present compulsory stay-at-home laws as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, most of us have added a whole lot of pounds than expected. Your figure-8 and curvy body is now gradually betraying you. You’re gradually becoming a shadow of your pre-lockdown self. There are several factors behind the sudden pot-belly. I’m not only talking about further pounds of abdomen fat right here. I’m also talking about the momentary abdominal distention that plagues almost everybody from time to time.

How to get and maintain a flat tummy

Quality Sleep

Analysis from 2018 identified that rest deprivation has an effect on the hormones that regulate anyone’s appetite and could make them feel hungrier. The authors noted that expanding slumber period and strengthening sleep quality could enable people today lose fat. Ask yourself, when last did you get a complete 8-hour sleep? Noisy neighbors or Netflix wouldn’t allow most of us sleep early, since we don’t have to make a trip to work the next day.

Say No to Junk Food

Stocking of junk food is another big issue. Personally, each time I go shopping, I get tempted to get some processed foods. Just knowing that the junk food is at home, makes me want to eat it at all time until it finishes. These junk foods add more pounds of fat to the body than we can imagine.

Moderate Consumption of Carbohydrate

Most available foods are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can be a source of Vitality for your body, but not all carbs are equally healthy. The body transforms certain carbs, which include white bread and white pasta, into glucose. When a person consumes a lot more glucose than is required, the human body stores the excess as unwanted fat.

So now the tummy has popped up, what do we do about it? Losing tummy fat is not an easy task but with the definitive guide to flat tummy, you will get the body you deserve again.flat tummy

Drink Tea

In lieu of the three significant meals of the day, try taking in some extra compact meals typically like healthy snacks. This tends to hold you freed from the bloated sensation that often follows huge meals. Taking in extra usually might also regulate blood sugar and deal with starvation.

Mint tea is excellent to suppress extreme starvation and food stuff cravings, so it could assist you to stick to a stricter diet plan and lead to a final result. In addition to mint, Flat Tummy Tea contains ingredient to cleanse and de-bloat you

No babe, it doesn’t have you booking permanent space at the lavatory, but instead it gives you a boost of energy to carry on with your day. Flat Tummy Tea does have an exceptionally light cleansing effect which is an essential part of the detoxification course of action.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is a necessity. Not everyone is rich enough to own personal gym equipment at home, there are certain exercises you can do without them. Try incorporating in extra motion and activity throughout the day, particularly if you generally spend most of the working day sitting while working from home. You can as well get better exercise tips from Weight Lost Mantra.

Belly fat is one of the battles every woman fights, it has made some lose their self esteem. Fret no more my sisters! The definitive guide to flat tummy as described here is the only arm I can render to you in this battle. 

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Teach English online - FREE guide

Tips For Teaching Foreign Languages

In as much as learning foreign language seems very easy to achieve with my PIDP steps mentioned in Tips For Learning Foreign Language, teaching foreign language can be a big deal to contend with. It is exactly like trying to domesticate a feral cat, however difficult it may seem, it is actually possible and easy with the right techniques. Here are some tips for teaching foreign languages in the best possible ways.

Be multicultural 

First thing a foreign language teacher needs to understand is the cultural diversity of the learner(s). As a foreign language teacher, you need to be multicultural or at least learn about the learner’s culture as well as your own culture. This knowledge will go a long way to inform your teaching.teaching foreign languages

Learner’s lifestyle and relationships

You have to learn about learner’s lifestyle and relationships. By doing this, I bet you will not out-step your bounds. There could be some topics or terms that will be offensive to some learners but appealing to others. Knowing your learner will help you help them feel free and uncomfortable in class.

Understand your learner’s needs

You need to learn to understand your learner’s needs. Why is he learning the language? Is she obliged to learn it or at will? What is the focus of your learner? You don’t want to go about teaching agricultural terms to an accountant. That would be a blatant waste of information and time. Knowing his/her needs will help you customize the lesson.

Use multicultural examples and  materials 

Use multicultural examples and materials to foster cross-cultural understanding. The use of literature that are deeply rooted in the honor of the learner’s culture is a gesture that gives your learner a sense of belonging, hence aids better understanding.

Pay attention to learner’s reactions

Finally, you have to be attentive to the learner’s reactions towards your teaching strategies and be willing to adjust as quickly as possible to set a comfortable learning environment for all.

In conclusion, the fact I get to understand is that we are all learners irrespective of your position in the classroom, be it student or teacher. So, as a teacher,  you need to continually develop yourself, which you can do by joining and getting language materials from Montessori Helpers.

Have any of these teaching techniques worked for you in the past? Or does any of the aforementioned strategies sound familiar to you? Leave a comment as we, together, nurture the proper ways to teaching foreign languages.

image 100161849 12218203

Tips For Learning Foreign Languages.

Language is a structured system of communication. It is a means by which we pass information to others. Language comes in many forms- written words, signs, body gestures among others, though I am not writing as an academic ready to bore you with the classroom topic on Language but I will highlight some tips for learning foreign languages like Chinese.

We are in a time when the world is nothing but a global village with about 7000 human languages. Language could be a hindrance to touring or learning about other people and their cultures. It could also stand in the way of landing that big job/ gig.

 For instant, we are all familiar with the word “kangaroo”. If you ask me what that is, I will gladly tell you it is an animal with my head up high. But truly, the word “kangaroo” comes from an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “I don’t know”. Yea, yea, I was amazed the first time I got to learn that too. The ill-fated poor animal got that name as a result of miscommunication due to language barrier. See where the word “kangaroo” really came from.

WhatsApp Image 2020 06 15 at 2.04.02 PM

More reason to learn foreign language, huh? You don’t want to go about with misinformation due to language barrier. In this article, I will highlight some tips for learning foreign language.


You need a purpose to motivate you in learning that new language. Purposes can vary from person to person. You reasons for wanting to learn a new language can be for fun, for employment opportunities, making new friends, relocating to a new neighborhood or country, or planning a trip abroad. Whatever your purpose is, it should motivate you to hit the class.

learning foreign language 


As a learner, willing to travel to another country and make the best out of every minute spent there, or willing to expand his/her chances at opportunities to make a living, the next key is interest. You need to be interested in learning that language for you to be able to assimilate it. If you aren’t interested in eating beef, no matter how nicely grilled, baked or fried it is, you won’t enjoy the meal. So, you need to grow personal interest in learning the language.


After interest comes dedication. With dedication, you give it all you’ve got to make sure you start speaking like a local in no time. So I repeat, it’s either you give it all you’ve got or you give it all you’ve got. There’s no two ways to go about it.


What use is the dedication without practice? Like the saying “practice makes perfection”, you need to put yourself out there with confidence and without fear of making mistakes. While you practice, you make mistakes that you learn from on your way to fluency in the language.

Irrespective of what language you want to learn, PIDP is the way to go about it. Thank you for reading. Leave a comment, if any of these tips for learning foreign languages sound true to you or has helped you in the past.

Thinking of a new language to start with? Beginners Guide To Learning Chinese will perfectly kick-start your learning adventure.

And don’t leave just yet; you might want to read my next article on the tips for teaching foreign language.

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Homeschooling and tutoring

Evan-Moor flashcards and worbooks

Homeschooling, The New Normal. 

Homeschooling or not? Eenie meenie miney mo. You know the answer, I do too. Homeschooling, the new normal, whether we like it or not, is the only and better option that our children or students have at their disposal at the moment. 

So, to home-school or not to home-school that’s a personal decision that every parent or guardian has to make. 

What really happens in home-school? Here the child can either have a private teacher who comes to the child’s house to teach him/her following the exact curriculum that has been approved by the ministry of education. So in this case, Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain comes to him, the teacher comes to the student unlike in the case where the child has to go to the main school premises to get lectures. 

A number of parents like homeschooling as they see that their child receives knowledge right at his or her own comfort zone with no disturbances or distraction from other students, the child is well attended to by the teacher and he or she has enough room and space to ask questions and learn at his own pace. 

Why homeschooling?

Everyone has a reason for putting his/her child up for homeschooling and I will list some reasons as to why. 


Majority of parents or guardians who have moved or relocated to different countries have been forced to home-school as they settle down in the new place and review the schools that are available in the area. This owing to the fact that education standard varies from country to country. There are some countries that believe in all theory with little or no practical whereas some are mostly vocational oriented.

In some countries, teachers are demigods because they make sure the child is straighten up and readied to face the future whereas in some countries, students and parents dictate to the teacher as to what grade and what method has to be employed and there are some countries that the work doesn’t matter as far as the final GPA of the student is high enough to earn government stipends. What a shame, huh? 


Parents choose to home-school because of the bullying that frequently happens in school and which is way out of their control. So instead of having to let their children suffer emotionally or psychologically, they choose to home-school. Bullying can also lead to lower grades and low self-esteem. Hence, parents try to eliminate fear that comes with being bullied. Parents who decide to home-school after cases of bullying report a significant academic improvement as well as greater personal happiness by their children. 

Higher quality of education. 


One-on-one tutoring

Most schools enroll too many students and that makes parents believe that the quality of education will decline as the classrooms will be crowded with less resources which will make it difficult for teachers to provide a one – on-one instruction to students. Therefore homeschooling give parents more control over what their children are learning. And since homeschooling can help the children have a one on one instruction then parents turn to it. 

Better scores. 

I am not saying that other children who go to school don’t get good grades, I am simply saying that home-schooled children get better grades and that is according to research on homeschooling because this type of education is quality not quantity based. 

Supports children with learning disabilities. 

Homeschooling helps children with learning disabilities to get customized teachings. They get to have all the teachers attention and a feeling that they belong as they get to be taught the same curriculum as the other students or children but only at their own pace. 

Language barrierLanguage Materials Membership

Homeschooling also works best for the kids who have a certain language barrier, this is in cases where the parents have relocated and the child has a problem speaking or understanding the new language then homeschooling becomes better as they will be taught at home by a tutor who speaks their language.

Homeschooling or not? Homeschooling, the new normal is here to stay.

Men or Women, Who Rule The World?

I am back at it again, they say girls rule the world, really? But come to think of it. Men or women, who rule the world? Well lets find out. As a woman, I have mingled with many other women and to my surprise all of them think that it’s true “Girls rule the world”. But HOW! They are just girls, the weaker vessels, come on! Behind every successful man there is a woman of course this woman was once a girl, right? Not to forget, behind every failed man, there is also a woman.
Good or bad, girls rule the world. For one to be a president, he has to be married, yes married to a woman. For a man to be a successful businessman, then yes someone’s little girl must be behind it. Ask me again: men or women, who rule the world?
Well, girls take it all. They be a man’s comforter, they encourage and give a man hope when hope seems to be lost, they act as mothers, sisters and friends. The big doubt is that I don’t really know what the world would look like if girls ruled it. Some say “just a couple of countries not talking to each other”. Hahaha!! Do you also know that as a man, you can’t even change your TV channel without her permission?

So the advice I give my brothers from another mothers is that “Get the right woman” – Forget the slay queens and women with looks but zero brains. Get a woman who will not only support your vision but will also push you to achieve more. A woman who will inspire you to work hard and not a woman who just makes you hard. He who finds a real woman finds a good thing and obtains favors and power to create wealth. So far, men or women, who rule the world? in your own opinion?

Who rule the world?
Who rule the world?

How do you make this possible?

Advance yourself.

 Stop taking cheap girls and drinks – I have no problem with having drinks during social interaction and networking. However, when you drink cheap drinks with cheap girls in cheap places, you end up hanging out with cheap people who have cheap ideas and cheap/no future. Big business opportunities are found in places where the drinks are expensive. In fact, in places where they sell cheap drinks, the only people you will find there are people who will be asking you for money. They even clap when you come knowing ‘big buyer’ has arrived. When you have the right girl beside you, who needs a google map to locate such places? You enter in style and believe me, a real girl attracts investors.

Laziness is not an option.

Stop being Lazy – “Man ooh Man, why art thou Lazy?” You are too lazy for your own good. You sleep the whole day and blame the government for your poverty. According to the old saying: “no food for a lazy man”. A lot of men are just lazy when it comes to making money. They have enough energy to give a woman five orgasms, but have no energy to start one organization, that’s why it is so easy for men to manufacture children than it is to make even pegs for putting children’s clothes on the line. But no matter how lazy a man is, once he meets that real girl – the evil spirit type, that type that pushes his ass till he gets up to work or no getting laid, he will definitely buckle up and make sense of his life for them both.

image 100161849 11966342

Shop Tru Niagen!


 Know Productive Things – Think outside the box, if you keep too much junk in your head, you get a junk life. I know a lot of men who are so sharp when they are talking about girls, about soccer and about street politics. Who is Rich, who is not; who has a good house, who doesn’t, but can’t raise a topic about investment, innovation nor business. Brother! Brother!! Brother!!! If that girl can’t deny you such useless meetings, you’re riding a bike while in slumber. A real girl brings constructive ideas to the table to benefit her household, even though it was born out of a gossip session. *wink* *wink*

You must know people.

Get connected to Big Men of affluence who are better than you – A lot of men are failing because they are not mentored. They don’t have anyone to whom they can sit down and listen, with obedience. There are men out there with brilliant and innovative ideas but no connection to catalyze its realization.  I need not to remind you that the world we live in now is a “man know man” one. And a journey of two months for the dog, is just a stroll for the horse. How do women come in play here? Why do all adverts in the dailies now seek young and beautiful women as sales executives? Your guess is just as mine.


Stop Spending your whole day just praying and fasting yet you know that both Quran and Bible tells you that God will bless the work of your hands. Yes yes, the blessing finds you on your way doing something. Stop using Prayer as an excuse not to work. Work hard. A man who spends his days solely praying and fasting will end up shouting “I receive” in church crusades for the rest of his life.


The worth of a woman can not be overemphasized as gone are the days when women end in the kitchen. Most global decisions are made by women (the wife, yes, that his wife). Nowadays, many developed countries are presided over by women and they are really better off that of their male counterparts. Doubt it? Take a look at

this for yourself. Now back to my question: Men or Women, who rule the world?

It is suicidal for your pocket to be empty and be married to a woman with empty brain.

image 100161849 11797161

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copper IUD
Copper IUD

Family planning is a thing that many young families engage in.  Out of which the use of copper IUD contraceptive is common. The copper IUD can serve its purpose for as long as you want. But it reaches a time that you want it out and you are so ready to get pregnant and have a newborn and the only thing that stands between you and getting pregnant is the copper IUD family planning.

So early this year I had a plan of getting pregnant then boom! came the COVID-19 so after thinking of whether I should go on with the plans or not keeping in mind that I still had my IUD intact, I opted on having it removed. Then it clicked to me that due to the COVID-19 I will not have time or rather have an option of scheduling a doctors appointment to have my copper IUD removed as the  pandemic had really affected all aspects of our lives- ranging from global economies to family planning matters. 

During this pandemic and restrictions on movement globally and forced cutting down on budgets.  A typical young family is faced with a dilemma of spending the little savings at hand on food supply or visit to a gynecologist for the removal of the IUD. To start with I am not a doctor, but I had to do this by myself meaning I had to remove the copper IUD at home and willing to share my experience. Why was it a big deal? Well it was a big deal because we are faced with Covid-19 and all movements are restricted. Secondly the cost of IUD removal at the hospital is about $100 . Thirdly, risking being exposed to infection during the trip to the doctor was a NO.

I will highlight the four steps involved below: 

Step 1.


As the going says, cleanliness is next to godliness. Take a full body shower, then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or make sure you disinfect your hands so as not to transmit any germs into your vagina.

Step 2.


It is advisable to be in the right comfortable position for you to be able to remove your IUD, for me, my best position was squating.  I went down on my knees and I squatted with my legs spread apart.

Step 3.

Removing the copper IUD:

With this posture, you can insert one finger for you to be able to touch the IUD  string and once you can touch the string insert a second finger that will help in pulling the string out. Then gently pull out the strings and the copper IUD will just come out smoothly.

Family planning Copper IUD

Step 4.


You get your IUD out and smile like nothing happened. Go and waste the s*men no more.

Thanks for reading, do not leave without leaving a comment or sharing your experiences too.

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Africa is a continent, very rich in cultures and traditions. A land which flows with milk and honey. She is blessed with lovely people, nourishing food, fertile lands, animal diversity as well as the individual customs and traditions that set the people apart from the rest of the world.  African culture is expressed in different ways be it in religion, clothing, cuisine, music and languages. So I will be looking at each of these one by one .


Africa has a vast variety of religions and beliefs. Majority are very religious people who believe that there is just but a single God worthy of worship but in a diverse way. Some believe that sacrifices to the spirits of their ancestors can protect them from any harm, there are some who believe in voodoos, shrines and other sacred objects. And then there are of course others who are Christians and the Muslims and have a strong belief in God.


African clothing is the traditional wear worn by both men, women and children it comes in different prints, for east Africans they call it kitenge, the Swahili speaking men wear the kanzu, where as the west Africans call it Ankara. This African wears are mostly worn in matching, meaning the shirts match the trousers for men and women either have theirs as a dresses, matching skirts-and-blouse or trousers too. The dashiki is also popularly associated with Africans and it is recognizable as an African look. In Nigeria and other African countries dashikis are worn for comfort in the hot climate, dashiki is a colorful garment that covers the top half of the body.


When it comes to African food, well they are so yummy, they use a combination of cereal grains, fruits and vegetables, not forgetting meat and dairy products. African food are very spicy. For example, the west Africans must add pepper to their food and most of them can’t miss pepper in their food. As for east Africans, the pepper is prepared separately and added to the food while eating. They do that in consideration of the young children who are not old enough to bear the hotness of the spice and others who might be allergic to pepper.

african culture
Fufu and egusi soup with assorted meat


African delicacies are prepared with the spirit of love, I bet you will surely change your dietary preference after a taste of any African delicacy. To mention a few of these delicacies: Pounded yam and Egusi soup, Jollof rice, fufu and okra soup (from Nigeria), Pilau, Biriani, Matoke, Chapati and Mbaazi (from Kenya), Banku, Kenkey and Kelewele (from Ghana), Injera (from Ethiopia), Braai, Chakalaka and Boerewors (from South Africa) just to mention a few.

This is a summary on African cultures, watch out for more stories on the customs and traditions of African.

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